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Mavala Colorfix Top Coat 10ML

Mavala Colorfix Top Coat 10ML
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  • Brand: Mavala
  • Product Code: 318
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $17.22
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Mavala Colorfix Top Coat 's ingredient makes nail polish colors look more glamorous and lasting ,  nail polish will soon begin to fade or fall off from the tip. The Mavala Colorfix Top Coat can  forming an extra protective shield against flaking, use this product can extend the life of nail polish..

How to use:

  • After the final coat of nail colour has dried,  use Colorfix to entire nail, including the underneath portion of the nail tip and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • A second coat of Colorfix, a few days later will brighten up your manicure and make it last longer.


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